Other Imperial Feng Shui Schools and Chue Style Feng Shui teachers
Since opening Master Chanís first flagship Imperial Feng Shui school in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1996, many of Grand Master Chanís students have felt inspired to open their own Imperial Feng Shui Schools. Around the world these schools reach from England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Mexico, Chile, India, Kenya, Hong Kong and even the United Arab Emirates! For further details please go to www.chuefoundation.org Students that would like to become Chue Style Feng Shui teachers have trained at Teachers Workshops. They have learned how to teach the 2-year Vocational Training Course with Grand Master Chan. He has also observed, selected, trained and tested specific students who showed potential in particular Feng Shui disciplines. Eventually he has awards the most accomplished students with the responsibility for teaching the ĎAdvancedí courses in their chosen subject.