Master Chan Kun Wah
Master Chan Kun Wah was brought up in a small village in northern Hong Kong. He was a typically mischievous young boy, loving Kung Fu and other such exciting arts. When Master Chan was fourteen years old Grand Master Chue Yen selected him to study Feng Shui, as his only student. Initially Master Chan was totally disinterested because he preferred studying with his Kung Fu Master and early mornings and wet feet, following his Master into the high mountains, was not really his thing! Master Chan felt that as a young boy he would be more suited to chasing girls, not chasing the dragon! Also, Master Chan did not understand what Feng Shui was all about; after all, you can’t see it or hear it! However, between one and three o’clock in the morning the chi is quite pure; you can hear things more clearly, as it is quiet and see farther, as there is less pollution. It is the right time to sense the chi. Gradually, Master Chan began to understand and sense how energy moved, purely from the experience of following his Master from mountain to mountain to ‘trace the mountain dragon chi’.

Grand Master Chue Yen firstly taught his student the ‘form school’ style of Feng Shui, then the ‘compass school’ style of Feng Shui that included the Ba Chop, Sam Hap, Sam Yuan and Yuen Hom, as well as the I Ching and how to read and interpret Personal Chinese Horoscopes. Grand Master Chue Yen was extremely accomplished in accurately reading horoscopes. He read in Master Chan’s horoscope that he needed to move abroad to the UK. He needed to practice doing consultations and horoscopes for people but was warned not to charge for them. He was told to research, study and improve his Feng Shui skills and start an Imperial Feng Shui School after his fiftieths birthday. He even indicated when Master Chan would become a very famous Feng Shui Master.

Master Chan followed his Master’s advice carefully. Over the years prior to his fiftieth birthday he made a normal living with his wife and two children in and around England and also in Edinburgh, Scotland, as a restaurateur. In his spare time, he offered to do up to ten free consultations for people per year. The aim was to see how successful he was in improving the lives of these people, as well as recognizing and fixing any energetic problems within the property. When he had succeeded in six out of ten of these consultations, he had then passed his examination. If, however, he had only had five successful results, then he would have failed! When he had seven successful results he became a Master. However, as Master Chan is a sensitive and kind man, he wished to help everyone so he practiced and practiced until he was succeeding to consistently get ten out of ten!!

Thus it was that Master Chan spent 40 years researching Feng Shui! The fact that he is still researching to this day, is testament to his dedication. As Master Chan’s lineage stretches back to the Masters of the Imperial Courts of China, he decided to found a school called the ‘Imperial School of Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes’ in 1996 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His quest being to teach and advance the knowledge we have of the many different techniques of Feng Shui. This he envisioned making available to as many people as were truly interested. He is passionate, determined and extremely hard working and this in very evident in the way that he leads his students. He is very aware of the hope and trust that people expect of him and all his students when doing a consultation and is relentless in his endeavour to train his students to a very high standard. This he did by initially offering a two year Vocational Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope Course, which culminated in an examination on a property. The students had then to prove their ability to find an energetic problem in the property and offer recommendations as to how to remedy the situation to help its occupants. They also had to prove their understanding and application of the Ba Chop (Eight Houses), Sam Hap (Three Combination), Sam Yuan (Three Periods), Yuen Hom (Everything or Nothing), which is the most powerful style of Flying Star, as well as the Double Mountain Element Method and Form School (how the object in the specific environment affected the property). His students also had to understand the Ba Zi (Chinese Astrology), the I Ching and how to correctly read the unique lopan (Chinese Compass) that Master Chan designed and produced that details all his teachings. The most important qualities that any student should have are a good heart, an honest soul and a respect for his or her Master.

Since opening the first Imperial Feng Shui School in Edinburgh many of his students have felt inspired to open their own schools to continue teaching the profound and valuable information that Master Chan unfolded to them in the two year Vocational Course. From Master Chan’s flagship Imperial Feng Shui school in Scotland there are now many Imperial Feng Shui Schools all around the world from England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Mexico, Chile, India, Kenya and even the United Arab Emirates.

Grand Master Chan is a gentle man with the looks of a man at least 10 years his junior. He is softly spoken and humble in his manners. He lives and breathes his work and takes the responsibility of his work very much to heart. In 2006 he published his first book on the 64 Hexagrams. He is a true scholar and is in the process of writing several more books. This Chue Style Feng Shui information will be his legacy. He wishes to share and pass on his knowledge to his Feng Shui family for future generations to enjoy and develop.